Our Firm

Southern California Lawyers Group’s skilled and knowledgeable attorneys represent victims in a broad array of case types. We are trial tested and zealous advocates for the rights of our clients. See how we’ve helped others, and how we can help you.

Over the years, Southern California Lawyers Group, PC clients have come to view our attorneys as trusted counselors. This has resulted in a reputable law practice in general areas such as litigation, civil rights, class actions, family law, dependency, criminal defense, bankruptcy and employment law as well as more specialized fields like qui tam and police brutality actions. In addition, Southern California Lawyers Group strongly believes it is part of the firm’s calling to serve its client and the community. As a result, we have become a key strategist in helping achieve justice in the metropolitan Southern California area.

Southern California Lawyers Group’s principal goals are to provide the highest quality legal services available anywhere; to be an instrumental part of each client’s success; and to recruit, retain and advance the brightest legal talent. Our Firm seeks long-term, partnering relationships with clients, to the end of providing the best total solution to the client’s legal needs.

Southern California Lawyers Group stresses, and clients rightfully expect, good results. To that end, our Firm employs innovative, pragmatic strategies and hard work to ensure that our clients’ legal needs are met. We recognize that our success depends on close coordination with our clients, therefore, our lawyers work collaboratively to set objectives, develop trial strategy and conduct periodic review sessions to measure our progress against those objectives.

We win because we care about you, and we care about this community. Our job as trial lawyers is to keep our community safe by holding the wrongdoers that hurt people fully accountable for their dangerous actions. Here is how we win: We Win with Science & We Win with Preparation.

We use science to win our cases. We hire the best expert witnesses in the country to conduct scientific analysis to prove the case.

We use the Best Expert Witnesses. We work with the following experts: Experts in Reconstruction, Experts in Industry Standards and Standard of Care, Experts in Design, Experts in Liability, Experts in Biomechanics (the science of how forces interact with the human body), Experts in Medicine: orthopedic doctors, rehab doctors, neurological doctors, radiologists, and mental health specialists, Experts in Life Care Planning to evaluate your needs for the long term, Expert Economists to evaluate your Loss of Earnings, Illustrators to prepare exhibits to show the jury your injuries, Documentary Filmmakers to show the jurors a Day in your Life.

We Prepare with a Thorough Investigation.  We leave no stone unturned. We speak personally to every witness, we inspect the scene with experts, subpoena every document, any available video, conduct background checks, hire investigators to conduct surveillance, take depositions of all the defense aligned witnesses, and put the defendant wrongdoer under the microscope.

We Prepare You. We make sure you get the best medical treatment available. If you are happy with your own doctors through your own insurance we will work with them to present the case. If you need a more specialized doctor, or if you need a referral we will provide you with a referral to a doctor we trust will take good care of you. Before the case goes to trial we will spend lots of time preparing you for court, and take time to get to know you on a personal level so we can tell your story.

We Prepare With Focus Groups (Mock Jurors).  We take all the information and show it to focus groups (also called mock jurors) to find out what normal people think about the situation. By the time a case gets to trial we have usually presented it to over 10 different focus groups. What normal people think about a case is important because the people out in the community will be the jurors deciding your case. The other reason it is important is because we want to make sure that the defendant wrongdoer that we are bringing into court is truly the one at fault for the incident.